Wine from families not factories

Would you rather drink a mass-produced product that has been assembled in a wine-factory for bland consistency or a hand-grown and crafted wine made with individual care and attention by a passionate family based operation? The winemaker is often a farmer, managing the process from the land to the grape to the cellar and finally the glass – adding their own little touch of magic to turn the raw materials into wine. These are the wineries that JMB will feature.

Wine you wouldn’t normally consider buying

So much wine buying is based on fashion. It’s easy to go to the local supermarket and get a few bottles of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. But the wine world is much wider than that – there are wine regions, grapes and producers that most people have never heard of (and others that have gone out of fashion) making great individual wines. JMB Wine will focus on making them available.

Wine that is personally tried & tasted

Murray will guarantee that he has visited every wine producer that is featured by JMB Wine. He will have seen the vineyards, the winery practices and spoken to the people who make the wine. He researches widely, often asking local opinions on the best producers to visit, so each JMB Wine comes with his own personal, tried and tasted recommendation.

JMB Wine Offers

It’s our aim to make the wines (and beers) featured in JMB Wine available to try and buy. The wine will be shipped on a regular basis throughout the year with the first batch arriving before Christmas.

If you are interested in purchasing the wine or holding a tasting, please use the contact page to receive a price list and order form.

Murray is available to speak about his experiences in wine and hold tastings at events and parties. He can also provide consultation and advice on wine and food pairings for whatever occasion you are planning.

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